People Are In Love With This College Guy Who Took Care Of His Girlfriend After A Night Out

"Chivalry isn't dead."

Michelle and James are college students from California who have been dating for almost three years. James told BuzzFeed News he likes to do nice and romantic things for Michelle, and started posting them on his Twitter account.

He is pretty romantic, tbh, and people started to tell him how much they liked his tweets. So, he kept sharing the nice things he did to make Michelle feel special.

"It just became a thing," he said.

Recently, the couple went to a party together, but James was sober since he was driving. When they got home, James helped Michelle to bed by brushing her teeth...for her. He took a Snapchat video of the hilarious experience.

When she's too drunk to brush her teeth, you do it for her 😬

James said he helped Michelle out because "she's brushed my teeth before and so I wanted to return the favor."

"I thought it was funny because I had never brushed anyone's teeth before," he said.

He also took off her makeup. What a guy!

When she's too drunk to remove her make up, you do it for her 😬

He later shared the videos on Twitter for fun, and many girls and women thought he was a keeper.


@MachoJame_ Awwwww!!!!!! This guy is a keeper!😂😍😄


@MachoJame_ @AveryMiles16 I need someone like this in my life rn

Many women also shouted out the real MVPs who would always take off their makeup: their BFFs.

@MachoJame_ @ToshaCross @RileyJae03 good thing I have you guys to do it for me right

A girl ALWAYS takes off a friend's makeup.

@MachoJame_ @KatieBurrelll you’d do this for me

Michelle said the video was both funny and a little embarrassing.

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