People Love This College Student Who Smuggled His Dog Back To School

His parents were not pleased.

This is Sean, a 20-year-old sophomore at Oregon State, and his dog, Willy.

Sean told BuzzFeed News Willy is a 7-year-old miniature Shetland collie who he loves having around.

"He's a relaxed fun dog," Sean said.

Sean said he loves having Willy around so much, that he wanted to give some of his friends the chance to hang with him too. So, he decided to take Willy with him back to school after the holidays.

Sean said he actually tried to bring Willy last semester as well, but his parents caught him when he was about to leave.

"After that I got the feeling from them it wasn't too big of a deal," he said.

So, last week he decided to smuggle Willy back with him. He was planning on keeping his dog a week, but it didn't exactly go as planned.

Sean said he misjudged how chill his parents would be about the whole thing.

"I was wrong, they were very angry," he said.

He said his mom texted him things like, "your dad is pissed," "you already don't remember to feed him when you're home," and that they were worried Willy would miss their other dog.

"They were worried that I wouldn't be able to take care of him but I brought a tub of his food and his favorite toys," he said. "He was in for a fun week but it got shut down."

So, after one night of fun at school, Sean had to make the hour and a half drive back home again to bring Willy back.

Turns out, Willy's a dog. So I drove him back.

"I thought the whole situation was funny when my parents flipped out about it as I was almost back to my apartment, like I was pulling off some sort of heist," he said.

"My dad's still mad about it," he added.

Sean decided to share Willy's adventure on Twitter because he thought a lot of people could relate to his plan.

Smuggling my dog back to college.

"I think the idea of taking your dog to college is something everybody wants to do but obviously isn't able to," he said.

A ton of people really related to his ~heist~ and his tweet has been retweeted almost 100,000 times.

@CorksterL1 I'm not gonna lie, it has crossed my mind many times & will probably happen when I go back after this break😂

Some said that bringing their dog to school is all they have ever wanted.

@_ray_mn fuckinggggg goalzzzz been trying to do this since day one

And shared photos of the dogs they left behind.

@riptidesoul 😭😭😭😭😭

This little guy would be a great study buddy!

@StephanieHorgan @5eean May bring him up, but he's in Ann and Brendan's bad books after the muddy seats🤔

Sean said having so many responses to his tweet has been "cool," and that he's even been recognized on campus.

"I don't get much out of being 'Twitter famous' — maybe in high school I would've, but I'm just happy with entertaining people," he said.

Better luck next time, Willy!

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