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15 College Students Who Are Hilariously Struggling To Adjust To Being Home For The Holidays

Yes, we really are going to sit around and do nothing all day.

Posted on December 24, 2016, at 3:09 p.m. ET

1. This girl with a confusing dilemma.

coming home from college is so confusing like do i unpack? do i live out of a suitcase for a month? do i just leave everything on the floor?

2. This guy, who just wants to live.

*comes home from college* mom: so you really gonna just sit around and do nothing all break me:

3. This girl, who can feel the boredom setting in.


4. This sad truth.

College students bring a whole suitcase home just to leave the house three time in two outfits. Y'all know we ain't going anywhere 😭😭😭

5. This guy who is facing logistical challenges.

*Home for the holidays after college* Mom: "Are you going to hang with your friends while you're home?" Yeah sure l…

6. And this depressing reality.

coming home from college looking for stuff to do

7. This loss of freedom.

Me at college: leaves my dorm @ midnight for shenanigans. Comes back 3 days l8r Me at home: must submit a formal request to go out past 8pm

8. Like, really?

When you come home from college and your parents try to say you can't go out

9. This un-festive epiphany.

Yo college bae with their at home bae rn. That's why y'all got into an argument before y'all left

10. And this fun reminder.

When you come home from college and your parents start telling you what to do

11. This habit, which is hard to break.

*Comes home from college Mom: set out the glasses for dinner Me:

12. This unforeseen circumstance.

Like y'all ever go home from college, your parents start yelling for no reason and you just be looking like...

13. Either this...

The "I've been home 1 week from college" starter pack @sclaire_24 @Sami__Schneider @nicolejackson17

14. Or this.

A college student stuff when they first get home on break: When they been home for awhile: When it time for college…

15. Basically, this is how everyone feels right now.

college is weird bc it's not home, but home doesn't feel like home, but u miss whichever one you're not at

Hang in there!