People Are Making Fun Of Chris Christie For Maybe Getting Snubbed For Trump's VP

*Charlie Brown music plays.*

Just a few months ago, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie burst on the scene as a enthusiastic surrogate for Donald Trump.

(Besides the whole is he a hostage or not thing.)

Some people have speculated that Christie's support would be rewarded with a spot as Trump's running mate. And when asked about it in a recent MSNBC interview, Christie acknowledged the possibility was on his mind.

Christie sits down with @NicolleDWallace: If you're a competitive person like I don't like coming in 2nd.

In fact, Christie told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace he would be a little "bothered" if passed over for the job.

“I’m a competitive person, so I’m not gonna say it won’t bother me if I'm not selected,” he said. “Of course it bothers you a little bit, because if you’re a competitive person like I am and you’re used to winning like I am, again, you don't like coming in second. Ever.”

So with the news Thursday that Trump might be leaning toward Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for the ticket, many people have been wondering how Christie is taking the news.

Chris Christie today finding out Trump's VP is Mike Pence. Left out in the cold #ChrisChristie #MikePence #TrumpVP

They speculated he felt betrayed.

Poor Chris Christie never should have left Jerseyfell #ChrisChristie #MikePence

And sad.

Trump: You been good to me, boy, but I'm choosing Mike Pence for VP Chris Christie:

Lots of sadness.

And of course, Crying Jordan.

Chris Christie when he heard that Trump picked Mike Pence for VP and not him

As well as some classic memes from Hostage-gate.

Chris Christie, flashing forward to today.

(This was a great one).

They wondered what Christie's role in the campaign may be now.

Donald Trump: I will have a Taco Bowl Chris Christie: Right away, sir Mike Pence: No guac on mine Chris: ok....

Or if he will just be fired.

Re-floating this on yet another embarrassing day for Chris Christie

Imaginations ran wild!

Chris Christie clutches Trump's bag of McDonald's against his chest. He weeps as the food grows cold. Is this all life is? He steals a fry.

Of course, none of this is maybe everyone is just speculating for nothing. But that isn't stopping the jokes.

Caution: the VP choice is not official until Chris Christie is notified of Mr. Pence's standing coffee order.

Trump is planning to officially announce his running mate on Friday.

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