The College Kid Is Now A Meme Star After His Classmate Filmed Him Saying "Ciao" Around Campus

Ryan is like "Damn Daniel," but better.

This is Ryan Scott, right, and his new friend, Thomas. Ryan told BuzzFeed News he is a freshman at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette studying mechanical engineering.

me and Ryan done blowed up 💪🏾❤️😂#ciao mf

He added that he also really likes to dance.

Thomas and Ryan met because Thomas randomly started asking Ryan what "the business" was, and filming it on his Snapchat. Ryan had a great response every time: "Ciao."

Ryan definitely got more confident. His personality really began to shine!


He became a low-key celeb on campus.

@ITS_JAKE_YO @Tslight_24 Actually it's ULL thoooo🤘

His classmates were in love with him!

So Thomas decided to share the videos with the world. He made a compilation of all of his videos, writing, "My fav person on campus goes to Ryan." It went mega-viral.

my fav person on campus goes to Ryan lmao “ciao*”😂

People were in love with Ryan, especially when they saw how he came out of his shell by the end of the video.

y’all deserve everything good, this is too pure

They thought Thomas and Ryan were the GOATs.

name a better duo i'll wait

"Racism ended."

"I love how in the beginning he thought you were being rude to him but you're boys by the end!!!!"

@Tslight_24 I love how in the beginning he thought you were being rude to him but you're boys by the end!!!!

Others low-key had the hots for Ryan.

i’m in love with chow ryan💞💕🌹🌸🌺🥀💕💖

And his catchphrase became a meme.

Im going to sleep so in the wise words of ryan "Chow".

It is pretty relatable to college life, honestly.

Professor: Attendance isn’t mandatory Me:


“The bell doesn’t dismiss you I do” Me:

Or work, or life...

Work: Can you stay a little longer Me:

Ryan said he and Thomas are real friends now.

Ryan say we got some more hot stuff coming soon 🤐be patient #ciao ✌🏾

They have even posted some videos of themselves dancing together.

@Tslight_24 Best duo out here 😂👐🏽

Ryan said his new viral fame has "been a ride."

"I've enjoyed every moment of it, and it makes me so happy that I've made so many other people happy!" he said.

“CIAO”😂 @CiaoRyan @Tslight_24

In the immortal words of Ryan, CIAO!

"You need to improve your handwriting. It takes you 15 minutes to write a word!" First of all,

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