An Australian Cat With Penis-Shaped Markings Is Up For Adoption

It makes her unique!

An adorable Ragdoll cat named Daisy has gotten some attention online this week because she has a marking on her face that looks like a penis.

The Mini Kitty Commune in Sydney took in Daisy and her sister cat in August after their owner passed away, a spokesperson for the group told BuzzFeed News. The owner's family contacted the rescue group to ask if it could take the pair in.

The spokesperson said that when the two cats were taken to the vet to get checked out, they noticed Daisy's interesting forehead. The spokesperson noted that "various jokes came from the vets."

"I mean, we’ve had some wacky cats (and a goat or two), but this one rocked," the spokesperson said.

Since Daisy is a purebred, the spokesperson said, the group got many "breed hunters" inquiring about her once she was posted for adoption.

"Purebred cats move very quickly for the wrong reasons, and we had a lot of inquiries for her," they said. "But as there was two of them, it was harder to find a home early."

The group quickly weeded out those inquiries, hoping to find Daisy and her sister the perfect home. Then the organization posted a photo of Daisy on Facebook, cheekily noting her facial marking.

"Some say she has unfortunate facial markings, but we call it totally unique," the caption read.

The post quickly went "crazy on the internet," as the spokesperson put it.

"Wow, adoption inquiries from as far away as...well, everything is a long way from Australia, but Alaska?" they said.

The group later posted a video of Daisy basking in her new fame, writing that she is "oblivious to all her new friends."

The spokesperson also had happy news to share. Daisy and her sister are currently doing a "trial adoption" with a "wonderful lady." They said the potential adopter is "giving them the right amount of time and focus to make them a family again."

However, the spokesperson said the Mini Kitty Commune will not forget Daisy. It is planning on making her one of its mascots in the future.

"We haven’t got an appropriate phallic name yet, but we already have General Mittens and Chairman Chief Willy could work," they said.

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