Caroline Calloway Says She Is Releasing A Book Called "Scammer"

"Seven years of writing for you and this is the first time you can hold my words."

Caroline Calloway says she is writing two books, and now you can preorder one of them.

As of Wednesday, her first book, titled Scammer, is available to be ordered in advance of its spring 2020 release. Calloway chose the preorder date because it marks one year since she "went viral as a scam," she wrote on Instagram.

On her website, Calloway told her fans she has been doing "seven years of writing for you and this is the first time you can hold my words."

"The goal of this book is to make a pretty object that you can hug and display and cherish, while also giving you an escape hatch from your life, like all good authors do," she wrote.

Calloway wrote that the book won't be sold in stores, and she only plans on producing as many copies as she sells. If you want the book, you can buy it for $25 through Shopify on her website.

"Don't want it? Don't buy it!" Calloway said.

Calloway also wrote on Instagram that a second book, And We Were Like, documenting her time at Cambridge University, will be released in winter of this year. She told BuzzFeed News she is still finishing her second book.

The title is the same as the memoir that she had planned to write for Flatiron Books before the book was eventually canceled. The genesis of the book deal was chronicled in a viral piece in the Cut by her former friend, Natalie Beach.

BuzzFeed News contacted Calloway for more info on her book, but she declined to comment, writing, "I'm actually only going to be sharing information about this book directly with my fans."


Calloway's original book deal was with Flatiron Books. A previous version of this story misstated the publisher.

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