Girls Are Asking Their Boyfriends If They Know What A Beauty Blender Is With Hilarious Results

"A clown nose."

On Tuesday, vlogger Selena Faye posed a challenge to the women of the world. Text a boy a picture of a Beautyblender to see what they think it is.

Ok, send your boyfriend (or male friend) this pic asking him "what is this?" Screenshot his response and reply und…

Faye told BuzzFeed News she got the idea when she was chatting with a guy friend.

"I was texting a guy friend and he just swore he pays so much attention, even when I'm doing my makeup," she said. "So I sent him a pic of the beauty blender and asked him, 'what's this?' And his reply was 'a makeup brush' he was so wrong."

She said she decided to tweet about it "for the laughs."

" I thought it was so funny," she said.

Many women decided to try out her challenge, and the results were seriously hilarious.

A lot of dudes described it as an "egg," which isn't bad TBH.

"A pink soft egg."

Other guys got a little more creative. "A klown nose."

"Boob stuffing."


"A stress egg."

Oh, come on!

Some poor gents still didn't really get it, even after it was explained to them.

But some got pretty close!

And then there is this guy, who is the real MVP.

Don't worry, guys, we admit they do look like eggs.

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