There Are Now Laser Buddhas In Afghanistan

Towering statues of Buddha were destroyed at the site by the Taliban in 2001 and have now been rebuilt using light projections.

A 3D light projection has been used to shine an image of Buddha onto a cliff in Bamiyan in Afghanistan, where towering sandstone statues of Buddha were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

Once #Buddha destroyed in #Afghanistan, now the city is a cultural city with "light up" Buddha - amazing!

Bamiyan was once a holy site for Buddhists and its two most prominent statues were 55m and 37m high, the tallest in the world, the BBC reported in March.

The Taliban destroyed the statues at the site in 2001.

The 3D Buddha projection involved help from a team in China and has now been inaugurated, a Los Angeles Times correspondent tweeted over the weekend. The exact role of the Chinese government, or Chinese individuals, was not clear.

The 3D projection of the #Buddha, in conjunction w team from #China, officially inaugurated

(While the lights aren't actually scientifically speaking "lasers," the term is commonly used when dealing with holograms and other light projections.)

"#History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again"

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