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Quiz: Are You Going To Be In My Quarantine Circle?

The sun is out and the lockdowns are beginning to lift. But who is really worth the risk?

Posted on May 22, 2020, at 1:43 p.m. ET

Nacho Doce / Reuters

Public health experts may be cautioning people to take it slowly when it comes to emerging from quarantine, and it's important to follow the recommendations of the CDC and your local authorities. But as Memorial Day weekend beckons and the United States loosens its lockdowns, it's tempting to spend time with people again.

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Many people are thinking about expanding their quarantine circle — the group of people with whom they are socially isolating — to include more people.

The Wall Street Journal and SFGate have written about how to expand your quarantine circle. But is that person you're thinking of including really worth it?

Here's a quiz for you to find out.

  1. Are you currently infected with the coronavirus?

  2. Have our local health authorities said it's OK to start going outside?

  3. Are you one of my parents?

  4. Are we siblings?

  5. Cousins?

  6. Hot neighbors?

  7. Have we dated?

  8. Did we meet on a train, share a romantic night in Vienna, and agree to meet again in six months without sharing contact information?

  9. Do you know my middle name?

  10. Wait, do you know my last name?

  11. Are our dogs friends?

  12. Have we taken vacations together before?

  13. Were we invited to each other's weddings?

  14. Each other's divorce parties?

  15. Does your gaze comprehend me fully in the depth of my humanity?

  16. Forget that. Am I trying to have sex with you?

  17. Will you let me borrow your car?

  18. Will you let me borrow your swimming pool?

  19. Will you let me borrow your weed?

  20. Will spending time with you distract me from the isolated hell time of pandemic life?