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Ted Kennedy's Awesomest Replacements

Now that the former senator is drinking and driving in heaven, it's time for Massachusetts to pick his interim replacement. Here are the names we'd like to see Governor Patrick choose most (if it comes to that), in no particular order.

Posted on September 22, 2009, at 4:48 p.m. ET

  • 1. Michael Dukakis

    The Boston Globe is all about Dukakis being the best choice to fill Kennedy's shoes, and why the hell not? The dude's a legend, and since losing the 1988 presidential election, he's been teaching and...oh, helping Governor Patrick get elected. At 75, he's closer to Kennedy's age than many other candidates, so that's nice.

  • 2. Curt Schilling

    Schilling! While he's a pretty long shot as a replacement given the whole "is a Republican" thing, he looks pretty excited about the prospect of running for Kennedy's seat when election time rolls around. Duakakis vs. Schilling: Best Senate race ever?

  • 3. Ben Affleck

    No one's mentioned Ben Affleck's name yet, but we don't care! The guy looks the part, worked with Kennedy in the past and his name was being tossed around last year as a possible Democratic challenger to George Allen in Virginia. And just think of all the awkward press conference jokes he could make! About himself!

  • 4. Victoria Reggie Kennedy

    Kennedy's widow has been mentioned as a possible replacement for some time, most notably by Kennedy himself. She's reportedly said to friends she has no interest in taking his seat, but the rumors are still circulating.

  • 5. Eliza Dushku

    There's no talk of Eliza Dushku even going into politics, but she is from Boston, so there's that.