The Debate Moderators Went In Hard And People Loved It

Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper 2020?

We can all agree Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper had one of the toughest jobs as moderators of the town hall presidential debate.

Anderson Cooper & Martha Raddatz feel like parents trying to arbitrate a sibling fight, except one child is damien

They were tough, and they wouldn't back down.

God bless @andersoncooper and @MarthaRaddatz for maintaining civility while my emotional status was... #debate

They went in hard, and people loved it.

The best thing about #debates are @MarthaRaddatz and @andersoncooper taking no shit from anyone.

Nice to see @andersoncooper ask Hillary tough questions that other moderators wouldn’t ask. #debate

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, 2020?

Anderson Cooper was deadly on the follow ups.

Anderson Cooper for the kill. #debate

Thank you @andersoncooper for the follow up. Trump doesn't get it. He doesn't understand. #debate

If I am ever unable to host a Real Housewives reunion, @andersoncooper you are ready!! GREAT JOB!! Fair and commanding!!

This is a shit show, but god bless @andersoncooper - he's actually moderating this mess. #debate

Can Anderson Cooper follow me around to all of my meetings? "Please let her talk, she didn't interrupt you."

Martha also gained a ton of fans for not backing down.

Martha Raddatz: Mr Trump we are moving on Trump: *keeps talking* Martha: THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY

Including some celebrities:

I deeply worship the badassery of @MarthaRaddatz.

New Hero and Fun Halloween Costume Idea: MARTHA RADDATZ

Hey @andersoncooper @lesterholt the boss female co-moderator is killing it. Take a lesson in strength, boys, this is what it looks like.

We are all Martha Raddatz shouting "tell me what your strategy is" into the void.

Then again, after Trump said he felt like it was "3 on 1," other viewers said they felt the moderators were being unfair to him.

Is it just me or does it seem that the @MarthaRaddatz & @andersoncooper are openly hostile to Donald Trump? #TrumpClintonDebate

And, as expected, people found themselves sexually attracted to Anderson Cooper.

all I know is @andersoncooper can be president of this pussy

I nominate @andersoncooper for president...or my boyfriend. I'm single. Call me 👋🏻#debates

i'm sexually objectifying anderson cooper as an emotional coping mechanism to deal with this hellish #debate

Go grab a drink, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper. God knows you deserve it.

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