There's A Secret Craigslist Just For Rich People

The classifieds section of the Bloomberg terminal, which costs more than $20,000 a year, is called POSH. Aptly named.

The Bloomberg terminal is an expensive Wall Street trading and research machine with lots of financial data. It has its own version of Craigslist, called POSH.

Prices tend to be higher than what you'd find in typical classifieds sections, with goods such as vast estates, boats, Rolexes, diamond rings, and expensive cars.

There's even a filter for just airplanes and boats!

Here's a 15th-century Italian castle for 20 million euros.

And an estate in Mallorca for about $20.4 million.

On POSH, you can even sell a "beautiful dressage horse" for upward of $40,000.

Or your wife's "seriously sexy knee-high Christian Louboutin python-skin boots" that have never been worn because they're too big.

One Bloomberg user is trying to sell a Jeep that was gifted to President Eisenhower in 1946, returned to the Scottish National Trust upon his death, and recently restored.

This is "Ike's Jeep."

There are nice watches galore. Like $24,000 Rolexes.

Here's a Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series for $175,000.

And a new Tesla Model S for more than $100,000.

But the real estate is definitely the best part about POSH. Here's an expired listing for a $17.5 million oceanfront residence in Miami.

A Ritz Carlton Club unit in Aspen for $700/night.

And this East Hampton home for $10,000/week.

And hey, every now and then, you might find a more normal item on POSH. Like a $25 Gap gift card for $20. "I don't shop here," the user writes.

Of course not.

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