26 Best New Words For Sounding Out The Alphabet

Customer service is getting younger.

1. A as in Arianna

2. B as in BRB

3. C as in Cyberbully

4. D as in Dave Coulier

5. E as in eBook

6. F as in Furry

7. G as in GIF

8. H as in Hashtag

9. I as in iPhone

10. J as in GIF

11. K as in Klout

12. L as in LOL

13. M as in Meme

14. N is for NSFW

15. O as in Oh Hai

16. P as in Pizza

17. Q as in QR code

18. R as in Redditor

19. S as in shake my damn head at you customer service person

20. T as in Troll

21. U as in Ughhhhh

22. V as in Viral

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23. W as in WTF

24. X as in X Ray or foX (thanks Google)

25. Y as in YOLO

26. Z as in Zuckerbergs

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