Dave Chappelle Brought Back His Old Characters For "SNL"

The Walking Dead meets Chappelle's Show.

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Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live and, YOU GUYS, he brought back all the best characters from Chappelle's Show.

They came together for a remake of The Walking Dead à la Chappelle. The season premiere had apparently upset the comedian to the point that he changed his mind about leaving his old show out of SNL altogether.

TWD's Negan was played by, of course, Chappelle. And beloved crackhead Tyrone Biggums showed up.

"When I'm on my knees, they don't give you bubblegum. They give you penis."

The whole gang was there to witness what would become Tyrone's invincibility.

Player hater of the year Silky Johnson was there.

"You look like Fonzie made the negro league."

News broadcaster Chuck Taylor was begging for his life.

"All lives matter, right?"

Rapper Lil Jon.


Even black and blind white supremacist Clayton Bigsby was there, and guess what:

Like in TWD, Negan went down the line of characters, until...

Tyrone lost his head.

That won't stop him, though. Does anything?

“And that is how we as a nation begin to heal, by laughing together.”

Because it’s been a tough election.

“I only got two more months till they take away my health care!”

Godspeed, Tyrone!

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