People Are Sharing Their Refugee Stories In Response To Trump’s Ban

Trump's executive order suspends the entire US refugee program for 120 days and blocks all people in seven countries from entering the US for 90 days.

President Trump on Friday temporarily suspended the entire US refugee program and indefinitely stopped all Syrian refugees from entering the country, bringing people on Twitter to talk about how they or loved ones were affected by the ban.

Using the hashtag #muslimban, people shared stories of loved ones being suddenly stuck abroad, or how their ancestors were able to come to US as a refugee.

The executive order signed Friday by Trump suspends the entire refugee program for 120 days, and halts refugees from war-torn Syria indefinitely.

The order does not mention "Islam" or "Muslim" in the text, but it blocks all people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen from entering the US for 90 days.

Some of those believed to be affected included people who were abroad when the executive order was signed, and may not be able to return home.

My Iranian-American friend's father is in Iran right now for a visit. He's a green card holder. Under #MuslimBan, he can't come back.

Others suddenly found themselves unable to see relatives who live in countries affected by the executive order.

guys i can't go to syria this summer to see my whole family cause of the #MuslimBan ... thanks trump. i thought i liked you 😒

Trump's order places a 30-day ban on new visas from "terror-prone" countries. But non-citizens who currently live in the US with visas or a green card could also be affected by the president's order, ProPublica reported.

Because the executive order cites "aliens" and "foreigners," it could impact about 25,000 citizens of "terror prone" countries who are in the US with a visa, ProPublica reported.

About 500,000 people with green cards, but who were born in those countries and were abroad when it was signed, could also potentially be barred from returning to the US.

In effect, some families would remain separated under the current executive order.

Thanks @realDonaldTrump You've protected the Homeland by banning my Mother-In-Law and her Persian casseroles. Nice work. SAD! #MuslimBan

Others knew friends and family who would be affected by the executive order.

My refugee friend and her young son were ecstatic last wk b/c her husband was approved to come from Iraq. What do I tell her now? #MuslimBan

My wife is a math prof. Her dept was recruiting a talented student from Iran. It appears that he will now not be able to come. #MuslimBan

America didn't turn away my great great grandfather Chaim Katz. If we had the fearful, insular #MuslimBan attitude…

My Muslim, immigrant father created hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs in the US. The #MuslimBan is pointless, dan…

People on student visas, or teachers who were planning to work at US universities were also mentioned.

My cousin from #Iran won't be moving to the US to finish her chemistry degree now. Thanks #MuslimBan 🖕🏽

As a teacher in a school where many students are refugees the #MuslimBan breaks my heart. These children are human beings, not terrorists

Some, refugees themselves, shared their stories about finding a new home in the US.

Please resist and say no to the #MuslimBan it is discriminatory and inhumane. Many of us contribute as former refug…

I'm alive because my family was allowed into this country to escape the Nazis in the 40s. This Muslim ban is an affront to US history/values

Others wondered what their world would be like without friends and loved ones who were once refugees.

I can't imagine my childhood without my great #Iranian friend, Sam. He and his family came after the fall of the Shah. #MuslimBan

Some told stories of their ancestors, who came to the US as refugees.

My family left #Iran to escape religious extremism & war. That #America welcomed us. This #America would shut us out. #MuslimBan @NIACouncil

While others looked back on family who remained in their home country because they were denied entry as refugees.

Here's my grandmother's passport. She couldn't bring my grandfather, so she chose to stay. Note the swastika.…

My grandfather was an Estonian refugee and proud American—If he were alive I know he would share the anger and sham…

Trump argued that the restrictions would keep Americans safe, and cited the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks as part of the reason for his executive actions.

Critics, however, say Trump's order targets those affected by war and terrorism abroad without any impact on safety at home.

Some civil rights organizations have already stated they plan to challenge the executive order in court.

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