Two Missing Teens Are Now Suspects In The Killing Of A Road-Tripping Couple In Canada

The two men were considered missing, but police now suspect they may have been involved in the killing of three people in British Columbia.

Two Canadian teens who were previously thought to be missing are now considered suspects in three killings in British Columbia, including a young couple whose bodies were found along a highway with gunshot wounds.

Canadian authorities had been searching for Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, for four days after their car and camper were found burning near Dease Lake in British Columbia.

The body of a man, authorities said, had also been found about a mile south of the burning vehicle.

But on Tuesday, Canadian officials said McLeod and Schmegelsky were now considered suspects in the death of the unidentified man, as well as a North Carolina woman and her Australian boyfriend who were also found killed on the side of the road.

Police believe the two men left British Columbia and were later spotted in northern Saskatchewan.

"We are asking the public that if you spot Kam McLeod or Bryer Schmegelsky to consider them as dangerous," police said in a statement Tuesday. "We believe they are likely continuing to travel, though we don't have a possible destination."

Authorities named the two men as their prime suspects three days after asking the public for information in the deaths of Chynna Noelle Deese, 24, of North Carolina, and her boyfriend, Lucas Robert Fowler, 23, of Australia.

The couple were found shot and killed on July 15 alongside Highway 97 near their blue 1986 Chevrolet van.

With few known details in the killings and no obvious motive, authorities asked for the public's help in hopes of finding a lead, including asking for dashcam footage from people who had recently driven along Highway 97.

Deese and Fowler met in Croatia in 2017 and had been traveling the world together. The couple, relatives told local media, had been driving between national parks in Canada and planned to end their trip in Alaska.

“They were deeply in love,” her brother, British Deese, said. “They met traveling and that’s just what they did — travel."

Four days after Deese and Fowler's bodies were discovered, authorities said they found McLeod and Schmegelsky's vehicle burning — about 300 miles away near Dease Lake.

The body of a man, still unidentified, was found about a mile away at a highway exit. McLeod and Schmegelsky were last seen driving a gray 2011 Toyota Rav 4.

"To lose someone so young and vibrant, who was traveling the world and just enjoying life to the full, is devastating," Fowler's family said in a statement. "To know his beautiful girlfriend, Chynna Deese of Charlotte, North Carolina also lost her life in this violent event is too cruel."

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