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California Restricts Concealed Weapons On School Campuses

A new law signed Saturday by Gov. Jerry Brown prohibits concealed weapon permit-holders to bring weapons on school grounds, unless they are authorized by school administrators.

Posted on October 10, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. ET

Danny Johnston / AP

Concealed weapons have been banned from school and college campuses in California according to a new law signed by the governor, just days after a gunman in Oregon opened fire and killed nine.

The new law would require those with concealed-weapon permits to get permission from campus authorities before bringing them in.

The law would "close a loophole" in the state's Gun Free Schools Act, according to state Sen. Lois Wolk, who introduced the legislation.

The bill was sponsored by the California Police Chiefs Association and the Peace Officers Research Association of California, as well as University of California and California State Universities.

The bill was introduced by Wolk in February, but was signed into law Saturday as the national debate on gun control ramped up once more after another school shooting.

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown
Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown did not accompany the signature with a statement on the new law.

The bill was fiercely opposed by gun right groups, including the National Rifle Association and the Firearms Policy Coalition, who have argued gun-free zones leave areas prone to violence.

In September, the Firearms Policy Coalition stated it would file a federal civil rights lawsuit if the law was approved by Brown.

"If Governor Brown Signs SB 707, we will file for an injunction in federal court at the very first opportunity, FPC President Brandon Combs stated then.

The law provides an exemption to retired police and reserve officers, and allows campuses to adopt their own policies allowing concealed weapons.

"This bill puts control of firearms on campus grounds squarely where it belongs, with those public safety officials responsible for the safety of our students and staff on school or college campuses," state assembly member Bill Dodd said.

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