Armed Protesters Wait For Brock Turner's Arrival At Ohio Home

Some protesters wrote messages on the sidewalk of the home in chalk, such as "Shoot your local rapist."

Open carry protesters at the house of Brock Turner in Sugarcreek Township. @WCPO

Armed protesters have been waiting for Brock Turner to arrive at his parents' home in Ohio, where the former Stanford University student-athlete is expected to live after serving three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman last year.

Some protesters held signs that read, "Castrate rapists," and another held a sign that read, "If I rape Brock will I only do 3 months?"

Turner was released from Santa Clara Jail in California on Friday. He was initially sentenced to six months — a short sentence that sparked national outrage and a recall effort against the judge who issued the punishment. Turner served only half that time in county jail.

Protesters arrived in front of his parents' Ohio home on Friday to await the arrival of the former swimmer. Some of the protesters were armed with assault weapons, and some wrote messages in chalk in front of and near the home.

Some protesters returned Saturday, ABC News reported, but it was not clear where Turner was.

One message written on the sidewalk read, "Shoot your local rapist."

Another had a large arrow pointing toward the suburban home, with the word "rapist" written above it.

#BrockTurner may have gotten a light sentence but the neighbors not making it easy for him to live outside of jail

Local news station WHIO reported about a dozen protesters showed up. Sugarcreek Township Police officers were seen watching the protest from a distance, and firefighters reportedly came on Friday night to clear the chalk messages with fire hoses.

Turner is required to register as a sex offender with the Greene County Sheriff's Office within five days, according to WHIO.

A review of the office's sex offender registry portal showed Turner had not registered with the department as of Saturday evening.

Sugarcreek Township Police and Greene County Sheriff's Office officials could not be immediately reached for comment by BuzzFeed News.

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