An Eerie Object Streaked Across The LA Sky And People Freaked Out. Here's What It Really Was.

Sorry, a close encounter with our alien overlords will have to wait.

A mysterious bright object streaked across the Southern California sky Friday night, and folks started to immediately — and rightly — freak out. I mean, look at this:

Most people seemed to have one thought in mind: 👽 👽 👽

#losangeles WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE SKY??? #ufo

So a weird object is flying in the sky right now. It was emitting a weird colorful smoke and a bright light. So bas…

OMG what if its North Korea!?!? (It wasn't.)

If these are aliens or North Koreans I love you all. (Well, like 20% of you)

Or what if Santa Claus got a serious upgrade to his sled?

What the hell is this that just flew over L.A. and sprayed some mist all over us???

Turns out there's a much more simple answer. That streak cutting across the sky was yet another launch from SpaceX, which launched a rocket from Vanderberg Air Force Base on the California coast.

Thanks @passantino for explaining what this was. I thought/hoped the aliens had finally come for us 👽

According to SpaceX, the Falcon 9 rocket launched Friday night was carrying a satellite for Iridium, a satellite phone provider.

Launch underway

The satellites are a replacement for a current network of low-Earth orbit commercial satellites currently circling the planet.

“The process of replacing the satellites one-by-one in a constellation of this size and scale has never been completed before,” SpaceX said in a statement.

Friday’s mission was the fourth in a series of 10 satellite launches for Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Still, the rocket seemed to catch many people off guard, and was spotted from as far away as Las Vegas.

#BREAKING what is it and what does it want?!?! Bright light spotted in Primm/Stateline area. No, it’s not the…

And in Arizona.

We'll rely on the news to tell us what this is in the western sky. Whatever it is, it's mysterious and very pretty.

Here's a better look at tonight's Falcon 9 rocket launch as viewed over downtown Phoenix. #falcon9 #SpaceX

People wanted answers.

At least we know its not aliens, right?

#losangeles WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE SKY??? #ufo

Well 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳

@CristatoLive @SpaceX It was definitely aliens

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