Half-Naked Photos, Pot-Smoking Tweets Get Teacher Suspended

Carly McKinney, a first-year 10th-grade math teacher, has been put on administrative leave after a local news station discovered tweets containing revealing photos of her and bragging about bringing marijuana to school.

After station 9NEWS in Denver discovered this Twitter account of Carly "CarlyCrunkBear" McKinney, a first-year 10th-grade math teacher, McKinney made the lewd account private.

But Topsy.com has a collection of her pot-smoking, NSFW tweets and pictures.

The 23-year-old teacher regularly tweeted about smoking weed and used hashtags largely associated with rave and drug culture, like #PLURVibes.

She also regularly tweeted revealing photos of herself.

She told 9NEWS that while the photos were of her, she was unaware that her friend was posting them to the @Crunk_bear account.

McKinney told 9NEWS that the account was actually a parody that her friend was tweeting from, denying that she has ever brought drugs on to her school's campus.

A representative from the Cherry Creek School District has confirmed, however, that McKinney has been placed on administrative leave.

The marijuana-related tweets are being taken the most seriously. While Colorado has legalized marijuana for personal use, it is still against the law to bring it on school grounds.

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