People Are Relating So Hard To This Little Girl Getting Interrupted By Her Brother


This is 4-year-old Hana Onodera. Her dad posted a video back in January of her singing into a little mic stand he made for her. That is, until her brother Haru kicks it over.


In case you don't feel like playing the video, here's a short summary: Hana's singing her heart out.

Haru kicks over her mic stand and BREAKS it.

And then she just stares at him while he panics.

Even though the video blew up in Japan a few months ago, it's now gone viral again in the West.

It's been shared on several massive Twitter accounts, many of them captioning it: "When you're happy without a care in the world and then life interrupts your happiness." Which is so true.

"I've noticed that I've been getting a lot of messages and retweets in foreign languages," Hana's dad, Makoto Onodera, told BuzzFeed News. He said he didn't know it was going viral, though.

"I don't really get how people came up with the meme, but if people enjoyed watching the video, then I'm more than happy. That was my main purpose to upload it," he said.

A lot of people are also super impressed with Hana's amazing death stare.

Literally me.