West Virginia Mom Was Turned Into "Jihad Barbie" Meme After Posing With A Gun On The Fourth Of July

And now, everyone on the internet is sending her death threats.

Last week, Holly Fisher, a mother of three from West Virginia with a large conservative Twitter following, posed in front of a Hobby Lobby, wearing a pro life T-shirt, holding a soda from Chick-Fil-A.

ATTENTION LIBERALS: do NOT look at this picture. Your head will most likely explode. #HobbyLobby #UniteBlue

Fisher was celebrating a supreme court ruling that employers with religious objections can refuse to pay for insurance coverage for contraception.

The photo started going viral incredibly quickly on Twitter and Facebook and turned into a meme that was liked at least 20,000 times before Fisher even saw it.

Holy crap! 20K? “@katypillar150: @HollyRFisher Scrolling through my FB feed! A picture I saw before it was a meme! ”

Deciding to play along with the popularity of the image, she recreated it on the Fourth Of July at her home. This time she stood in front of an American flag, holding a gun, and a bible.

Biggest complaint I'm getting about my #HobbyLobby pic is there's no gun, bible, or flag. Tried to make up for it

That picture went even more viral than the previous one. And immediately users started bombarding her with a similar photo of Reem Riyasha, a female Hamas member who conducted a suicide bombing in 2004.

“@ethanorloff: @HollyRFisher ” Do you have a point? I've received this pic about 100x, so you're REALLY slacking.

Fisher spent her weekend responding to the angry comments from other Twitter users calling her an extremist, calling her fat, and threatening to rape and kill her.

Oh no, more fat jokes. I guess it doesn't help that I'm having Doritos and freedom for breakfast.

Most of the time she ended up just making jokes back at angry Twitter users.

Difference? I can kill you without having to kill myself...in a bikini...while eating bacon...and having a margarita.

Or sending them photos of her guns.

.@PatKasprik yeah, you're welcome to try to kill me and have me raped. Warning: I'll have my rape whistle.

Slowly the meme became more streamlined, with the side-by-side comparison of Fisher and Riyasha going hugely viral on Facebook and Twitter over Saturday and Sunday.

By Monday the meme and a handful of similar ones are still circulating around social media. And angry liberal Facebook and Twitter users are still harassing her.

Jihad Barbie. That means they think I'm pretty, right?

Earlier in June, Fisher tweeted about how her insurance plan through Obamacare affected her child's ability to see a cardiologist.

Hey @BarackObama, thanks to you I got my new insurance plan & it takes away all of my baby's heart doctors. Should I wait for your check?

Just when I thought I couldn't loathe #Obamacare and its supporters anymore. I swear... I will hit someone. #MomRage

Which made a similarly large splash on political Twitter.

I feel like I'm gonna throw up my heart right now... My tolerance level for anyone who supports Obamacare is officially at 0. I despise you.

A somewhat similar incident happened to blogger Helene Sula in March. A photo she took after a disastrous trip to the hairdressers became a hugely viral anti-Obamacare meme without her knowledge.

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