We Tried The World's Hottest Pepper And It Didn't Go Very Well

Meet the Carolina Reaper pepper. It's literal hellfire.

We got a bunch of brave souls together to try a Carolina Reaper pepper this week.

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Why, you might ask? Earlier this month, YouTuber Lizzy Wurst recorded a video that has since gone mega-viral. In the video, Wurst and her friend Sabrina try eating a Reaper pepper.

It. Does. Not. Go. Well. For. Them.

People couldn't get enough of it, mostly because Wurst and her friend's reactions are completely amazing.

But also, it made the whole world wonder: Just how spicy is this thing?

So, for journalism, we decided to find out just how spicy this thing is. TURNS OUT IT'S REALLY SPICY.

For reference, a jalapeño is, like, 3,500 Scovilles — which is the unit of measurement for spiciness. A Carolina Reaper pepper has been named the hottest pepper in the world by Guinness and it clocks in around 2 million Scovilles.

First up, we have Tolani.

Then Ryan.

Now it's Aisha's turn.

Laura's up next.

Also, this happened...

And finally, Luke.

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