This Might Be The Most Beautiful Tribute About The Paris Attacks You’ll Read

A heartbreaking love letter to Paris.

This is Tess, she's 16 and runs a Facebook page called "Fuck It."

Saturday night, Tess decided to write down her feelings about Friday's terror attacks in Paris. Then she shared it on Facebook, where it has since exploded in popularity. It's been shared almost 30,000 times now.
Mom, I have a lot to tell you.Tonight, I got into this huge room and I danced. Danced. Danced. I danced until my feet hurt, I screamed until my throat hurt. I cannot speak anymore. Do you remember how many times I asked you, with sweaty hands, if I could go to this concert? In the end you told me yes. So tonight, I let the music take me. I was in a trance, Mom, it was crazy. We were all there, stuck together, screaming, sweating, smiling from ear to ear. An unknown happiness was engulfing our bodies and music was mesmerizing us. Then there was a 'boom'. You know, the kind of 'boom' that breaks the spell, that stops time. It was a noise out of the music, it sounded a little false. Everything shut down. Instruments stopped playing, cries became silent. I was breathless, disoriented, I was breathing hard. And the 'boom' sounded louder. I heard screams, like cries for help. It was so hot and yet it was so cold. The booms became increasingly fast, continuous... So we lay down. The ground seemed to tremble but it was we who trembled. And the gunshots did not stop singing. It was another concert, other notes, and the only audible words were just dying groans, hideous complaints. Mom, I loved the music, but not this... And I think they understood this. I, however, did not have time to understand. They killed me, Mom. They sang their bullets against me for the simple reason that I was there, in the wrong place. The wrong night. They killed me and I'll never hear music again. 128 other people will never hear music again. Mom, tonight I come to tell you that my notes are silent but the song continues. #PrayforParis I took out my pen tonight. I haven't written for a long time, it is far from beautiful, but it's written from the heart.

"I emptied my head and did my best to imagine what it must have been like," she told BuzzFeed News. "Of course, that is impossible! But I did what I could."

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More than 5,000 likes on the posts in an hour... Phenomenal... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tess said that in the day since she wrote it, she's been contacted privately by friends and family members of victims killed in the attacks.

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Know that I will answer all your messages as fast as I can, all your attention... And to all those who keep asking me, I'm 16 and I'm studying literature in high school. I'm really shocked, stunned by what happened with my text. Thank you so many times... Thank you. Thank you.

She also said she's been contacted by people all over the world. She said a French teacher living in Miami asked if she could have her class read it.

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Hello! First, thank you once again for all the comments, all shares of any kind...Secondly, remember that I have not personally experienced the attacks. I wrote my text in homage to all those who have closed their eyes, the wounded, and hundreds of suffering families...Thank you to those who translated it, too.

"This subject is at the heart of our lives right now and putting words on that can only be beneficial. But I think the best would be to ask the people themselves," she said.

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Don't hesitate to send me your translations of the text in the languages you know, so that language is no longer a barrier.I can't stop thanking all of you… Don't forget to send all your positive vibes to the families mourning.