Meet The Men's Rights Activist Who Left An Ohio University Student Too Scared To Leave Her House

Ohio University student and sorority sister Rachel Cassidy had to delete all of her social media accounts after she was labeled a "false rape accuser" and flooded by threatening messages.

Peter Nolan refers to himself as the public face of Crimes Against Fathers, a site he runs with an anonymous partner who goes by the online handle John Rambo.

For the last two years or so, he's been using Crimes Against Fathers to "name and shame" women who he believes commit perjury against men, usually in cases involving rape allegations, pedophilia, and divorce.

"It's a site that men could come to had they been a victim of a crime," he says, speaking with BuzzFeed via Skype from his current home in Germany. "The family courts are used to destroy men like this."

He got involved with the site after fighting and winning two perjury cases against his ex-wife during their divorce. The process, he says, made him feel suicidal.

Nolan first learned of the alleged sexual assault on a sidewalk during Ohio University's homecoming when he saw a video of it on 4Chan. Users on 4Chan were outraged over the footage that was uploaded to viral video site World Star Hip Hop Uncut. It showed over a minute of an extended recording of the alleged rape. Users were furious that it didn't look like the sexual assault Ohio law enforcement was reporting it as.

"This kid Vance, I think he's 18 or 19, was pillared in the Daily Mirror for not helping the quote rape victim," Nolan says of Vance Blanc, the student who reportedly filmed the now-infamous video of the public sex act. "But when the video came out, whoever the woman is, is clearly not being raped."

Athens police are still currently investigating the incident as a sexual assault. But Nolan prefers to call the sex act in the video an instance of 20-year-olds being dumb and drunk and evidence of a woman falsely accusing a man of rape.

"Kids will be kids and boys will be boys," he says. "Doing it in public now when everyone's got a cell phone is probably not a great idea. But it happens."

He describes the girl in the video pushing her hair back and talking to the crowd of onlookers, saying the video is proof of a woman committing perjury, in calling a consensual sex act rape.

Users of 4Chan claimed they found the woman in the video and that she was named Rachel Cassidy, a member of a sorority on campus who was studying journalism at Ohio University. Users said they thought woman in the video and the woman they found online looked convincingly alike.

Ohio University has said that Rachel Cassidy is not involved with the sexual assault, however, in any way.

"The 4Chan guys were the guys that made the connection," Nolan says. His partner John Rambo heard about 4Chan unearthing Rachel. Nolan confesses that he, personally, has a tough time using the site.

Once Nolan and his partner John Rambo had Cassidy's name and some personal details about the Ohio University sophomore, he ran them on Crimes Against Fathers.

"This is what a woman who is getting 'raped' looks like," they wrote. "Nope, looks like she is fully enjoying this VOLUNTARY oral sex she is receiving."

In the post, Nolan and John Rambo dumped every piece of personal information they could find on Rachel, including photos with friends and family from her Facebook and the page of the sorority of which she was a member.

"We found some more photos of this chick," one user wrote. "No wonder she was so pleased at a bit of male attention."

"The issue was the false rape allegation," Nolan says. "So in the face of the politicians and judges refusing to hold women accountable for their crimes we decided, well, we're just a couple of guys fighting back against the behemoth government."

Their post on Rachel is part of their campaign to stand up against a society that they say hurts men.

"We'll do what we can," he says. "If a woman goes and slanders somebody in the public, calls them a pedophile, that's a crime.

Once 4Chan and Crimes Against Fathers collected and published Rachel's personal information, the link was picked up by Twitter account @Anon_Central, a fairly huge Anonymous-affiliated account, which shared Rachel's information with almost 170,000 followers.

After the Anonymous Twitter account picked up Rachel's information, abusive comments flooded her everywhere she went online. She was forced to delete her entire social media presence. She, also, had her email removed from the school's directory and is currently taking time off from classes.

From Ohio University's The Post:

Cassidy's parents, Steve and Theresa, had previously planned a trip to OU from Long Island, N.Y. — a nine-hour drive — this weekend.

"Our daughter has been victimized by the Internet, and in this day and age it's very hard to validate yourself," Theresa said. "That's our name, that's her name, and she's going to have to live with that for the rest of her life."

Steve said he has kept asking himself how this could happen to his daughter.

According to The Post, the school and local authorities have said that Rachel is without a doubt not the girl from the video, though:

OU Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones said Cassidy is "100 percent" not the woman involved in incident, which occurred at Chase Bank, 2 S. Court St., on Oct. 12.

Cassidy, a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, told The Post on Saturday that at the time of the incident, she was at her sorority house.

In response to Hall-Jones going on the record about Rachel Cassidy's lack of involvement with the Court Street sexual assault, Nolan and his anonymous partner collected personal information about her, as well.

"It also turns out, that Jenny is a man-hating feminist," John Rambo wrote. "Look at some of her tweets on Twitter. She is a very misandric person, a man-hater."

When asked about whether or not he feels badly that Rachel might not actually be the girl from the video and that the depicted act might actually be rape, Nolan remains defiant.

"Absolutely, we know that we might injure this woman. This woman might go out and commit suicide," he says.

He sees the issue as part of a larger societal issue of men being villified in courts and by the media. It's an issue that he says he's standing up against by publicly naming women who are possibly committing perjury.

"If Rachel Cassidy goes out tomorrow and buys a gun and blows her head off that's not a problem for me. I'm prepared to say that in the public," he says. "Now the reason I'm prepared to say that in the public is because I'm reflecting back the exact same attitude that it would be if it were a man."

BuzzFeed was unable to reach Rachel Cassidy for comment. Peter Nolan is not affiliated with Reddit's MRA movement.