This Guy Made A Flowchart That Perfectly Sums Up How To React To A Plane Crash On Facebook

It's so simple!

The flowchart was put together by economist and writer Mohamed El Dahshan.

El Dahshan told BuzzFeed News that he was inspired to make it because of how much misinformation has been spreading social media during moments of crisis.

"Some armchair analysts just love to pass for serious pundits, pontificating with absolutely zero knowledge on the subject. People I personally know know nothing about the matter," he said. "And some readers will read, retweet, and spread their nonsense."

And just because he's sharing a funny flowchat, doesn't mean he's not taking the crash of EgyptAir Flight MS804 seriously.

"I'm Egyptian have have spent more than a decade in France. The Paris-Cairo route is one I've taken more often than I can count. I am fretting at the mere thought that a friend, a student of mine, or someone I rubbed shoulders with could have been on this," he said. "I cannot imagine how the families of the victims must feel when they read the torrent of half-assed theories spoken by unabashed morons gunning for retweets."

You can check out more of El Dahshan's writing here.

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