You Have To Watch This Video Of An Elsa Mascot Dancing At Carnival

Oh. My. GOD.

This video was taken recently at Carnival in Brazil. It shows someone dressed like Elsa teamed up with a person in an Olaf costume — and a bunch of Spidermen — all dancing to the song "Metralhadora" by Banda Vingadora.

Facebook: video.php

During Carnival, it's common for costumed dancers to bust a move in front of "tourist trains," which are little open-air trolleys that take people through the streets.

Here are some reasons why this is super badass and why everyone in Brazil is freaking out about it:

1. "Metralhadora" means "machine gun," and yes, you better believe that Carnival Elsa does the gun dance.

2. Elsa puts the Spidermen to shame, even though she's dancing with a huge fake head.

3. And finally, look at Carnival Elsa's full-body roll compared to Olaf's. Get out of here, Olaf!

The video was posted on Tuesday, but it's already been shared thousands of times and people are going nuts over it.

Do your thing, ma.

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