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This Dog Was Given A Second Chance After She Was Found In Her Dead Owner's Arms After A Tornado

Very little is known about the Great Pyrenees that was discovered among the wreckage of her Van, Texas, home. Her new owner has decided to make her survival date her new birthday.

Posted on May 20, 2015, at 3:25 a.m. ET

Last week, a tornado hit Van, Texas, killing two people, David and Brenda Tapley, and injuring at least 40 others.

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The Tapleys were discovered by Aaron Vasquez and his son Emmanuel. David, a former Garland Police lieutenant, was cradling a Great Pyrenees who was badly hurt, but still alive.

The Great Pyrenees, along with seven other dogs believed to be owned by the Tapleys, was taken in by Nicholas Pet Haven. The dog was covered in bruises and appeared to be showing signs of shock.

Over the weekend, Nicholas Pet Haven wrote on their Facebook page that the Great Pyrenees had been renamed "Emma" and was getting adopted by Michelle Shockley.

This Great White Pyrenees was found laying next to her deceased owner Mr.Tapley who lost his life during the tornado in Van, TX.. She was adopted out today to a wonderful young lady and is making herself at home. She has a cranial head contusion but is expected to make a full recovery..Thank you to Missy and her family for giving her a good home.

"From what the vet said from his initial exams, the way in which she was battered and bruised under her coat, she was at Ground Zero. She was thrown around," Shockley told ABC News.

Emma is gaining her appetite back and her hair is growing back. Shockley doesn't know the dog's birthday, but told ABC that Emma's thought to be around eight years old. They'll be celebrating her survival date every year.

Shockley's mother Jo, pictured below, said the whole family was thrilled when Emma ate a whole can of dog food for dinner on Monday night.