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Police Investigating That Video Of The Girl Hitting The Other Girl In The Head With A Shovel

Miami County Sheriff's office told TMZ that they have launched a criminal investigation. WARNING: This post contains footage of a girl being hit in the head with a shovel.

Posted on May 7, 2014, at 6:18 p.m. ET

This video of a fight between two teenagers went incredibly viral earlier this week after being uploaded to Vine. As of Wednesday, it's been liked 79.8 thousand times and 81.3 thousand times.

In the full eight-minute video of the fight, Miranda Lynn Fugate, 15, of Springfield, Ohio, gets into a fight with another girl after trying to retrieve a "BB gun."

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The Vine inspired a number of parodies and the "shovel girl" meme has been traveling around Twitter all week.

Spongebob was the original shovel girl

Twitter users photoshopped fake headlines, claiming that the girl actually died. And apparently, teenagers, not curious as to why a headline would only include a girl's first name, decided to start the #RIPShovelGirl hashtag.

Fugate confirmed she was alive though, in a new Vine.

Fugate updated her Twitter profile, writing, "Yes, I'm the one who got hit with a shovel."

Another girl, Emily Powers, is currently taking credit on Twitter for throwing the shovel.

A representative for Miami County Sheriff's office told TMZ Wednesday that they're currently investigating whether or not the girl who threw the shovel could be charged with assault or disorderly conduct.