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People On 4chan Appear To Be Having A Complete Meltdown Over The Election Right Now

It is not a great day for Trump's anonymous fanboys. WARNING: This post contains graphic language.

Posted on November 8, 2016, at 6:49 p.m. ET

There's no question that the anonymous members of 4chan's message board community have been hugely instrumental in Donald Trump's presidential campaign, but, as of Tuesday night, they're not exactly having a great time.

Fair warning: Take pretty much everything on 4chan with a grain of salt, but right now, 4chan's /pol/ board — the one used for political discussions — is an absolute MESS. Many are claiming they couldn't figure out how to actually vote.


Like a ton are sort of saying the same story.

4chan / Via Twitter: @_Cooper

The message board is inundated with this stuff.

4chan / Via Twitter: @herkzzz

There are some who claim they just gave up when they got in the booth.

4chan / Via

Some seemed to have trouble with using the actual ballot.

4chan / Via Twitter: @weeaboo

I mean...

4chan / Via Twitter: @_Cooper

Also, a bunch are claiming that voting for Donald Trump in real life wasn't exactly as glamorous as it is to post Trump memes from home.

4chan / Via Twitter: @JackSmithIV

But as the votes have come in Tuesday night, the main mood of the board has shifted.

4chan / Via Twitter: @_Cooper

Many of the users are worried that Trump might not win.

Like, a lot of the posts are pretty intense.

4chan / Via

It just keeps going.

4chan / Via

And going.

4chan / Via

This one claims they're giving up the internet forever.

It's looking pretty grim.

4chan / Via

Oh, and this guy said that when it came time to head out and vote for Trump, his girlfriend broke up with him...

4chan / Via