People On 4chan Appear To Be Having A Complete Meltdown Over The Election Right Now

It is not a great day for Trump's anonymous fanboys. WARNING: This post contains graphic language.

There's no question that the anonymous members of 4chan's message board community have been hugely instrumental in Donald Trump's presidential campaign, but, as of Tuesday night, they're not exactly having a great time.

Fair warning: Take pretty much everything on 4chan with a grain of salt, but right now, 4chan's /pol/ board — the one used for political discussions — is an absolute MESS. Many are claiming they couldn't figure out how to actually vote.

Like a ton are sort of saying the same story.

The message board is inundated with this stuff.

There are some who claim they just gave up when they got in the booth.

Some seemed to have trouble with using the actual ballot.

I mean...

Also, a bunch are claiming that voting for Donald Trump in real life wasn't exactly as glamorous as it is to post Trump memes from home.

But as the votes have come in Tuesday night, the main mood of the board has shifted.

Many of the users are worried that Trump might not win.

Like, a lot of the posts are pretty intense.

It just keeps going.

And going.

This one claims they're giving up the internet forever.

It's looking pretty grim.

Oh, and this guy said that when it came time to head out and vote for Trump, his girlfriend broke up with him...