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Nothing Unfortunately Sums Up 2013 Better Than Instagram’s #LockdownSelfies Tag

These are literally the faces of how we lived in 2013.

Posted on December 9, 2013, at 2:10 p.m. ET

Over the last year, users have been sharing lockdown selfies on Instagram and Twitter. They appear every time there's a shooting or a school goes into lockdown over a potential bomb threat or gunman.

"selfie during lockdown at ccsu! GOD IS BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN ANY GUNMAN! THERE IS NO NEED TO WORRY, IN JESUS'S NAME, MY CAMPUS IS SAFE IN GOD'S ARMS AND EVERYONE WILL BE OK! 💙🙌 #ccsu #lockdown #memorial #hall #christian #God #keepinprayers #assured"

These selfies were taken at Central Connecticut State University on November 4th, after the campus went into lockdown when someone reported a man with a gun.

"Lockdown selfies #ccsu @zaynuhx @joshalves14 @lazy_fabio 💋💋💋💋"

Many are taken by students who are bored, trapped in dorms or classrooms, as law enforcement determine whether or not a gunman is still active on campus.

"Lockdown #ccsu #ccsuproblems"

Though some are taken during lockdown drills.

"Corey Brisson and I in the girls locker room during lockdown #lockdownselfie #imfat"

"Bored Selfie During Lockdown... #selfies #bored #me #lockdown #ut"

This one was taken by two foreign exchange students at the University Of Minnesota during the lockdown there on November 11th.

"Lockdown på skolen.. Det er visst en med pistol ett sted på campus... #hildeoglindaiusa"

This selfie was taken by actor James Franco from inside a plane on the tarmac during the LAX Shooting that happened on November 1st.

"At #lax Some s** tbag shot up the place."

In October, when a woman was shot by police on Capitol Hill after attempting to ram the White House with her car, selfies were uploaded by tourists visiting Washington D.C.

Alex Seitz-Wald


Shooting selfie! #tourists

/ Via

"#whitehouse#cousinsreunited#plante#shooting @duchilove"

"Hello from The White House - furloughs and gunshots!!! #whitehouse #1600pennsylvania #vacation #washingtondc #dc #shutdown #governmentshutdown"

Oxford Dictionary named "selfie" the official word of the year for 2013.

"We had a lockdown so why not take a selfie? #notags #poppintags #lockdownselfie #dominosdelivery #"

full lockdown doesn't mean they can lock down my selfie game



full lockdown doesn't mean they can lock down my selfie game

/ Via

And according to The Huffington Post, there have been 16 mass shootings since last year's Sandy Hook, with more than a dozen false alarms and potential shootings averted in the same time.


"#Lockdownselfie @tatumichelle & Sally"

Madison Dupuis


lock down selfie @CherrboyGil96

/ Via

Which means it's safe to call 2013 the year of the lockdown selfie.

"WE ALL GON' DIE! #Uglycriers #lockdownselfie #sisters @val_on_fire"

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