A Bunch Of Gun Activists Wore Assault Weapons While Walking Around The Baby Clothes Aisle In Target

People are not thrilled about it.

Open Carry Texas and similar gun activist groups across the country have been holding demonstrations at various businesses.

The organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America surfaced these photos of gun activists carrying assault weapons while shopping in the baby clothes section of Target.

Last week, Sonic and Chili's released statements asking their customers to not bring their weapons in with them to their restaurants.

Moms Demand Action started a petition demanding Target institute a gun policy in its stores.

The petition argues that as long as Target stays silent about its gun policy, its core demographic of moms and families can't feel safe inside its stores.

Now, many users on social media are demanding Target release a statement about its policy on customers carrying guns in stores.

U COULD get KILLED at @Target Its just not safe #GunBullies #OffTarget BOYCOTT #Target because u allow #GUNS

Open Carry Texas took to its own Facebook page, claiming Moms Demand Action were just trolling for publicity.

And then Open Carry Texas announced a new Facebook page it says is run by women, arguing that gun control extremists shouldn't "corner the market on women."

Target has yet to respond to the #OffTarget hashtag that has started in response to the photos.

My kid plays a game where she jumps out from behind a clothing rack and says "BOO!" while I'm shopping. I'm #OffTarget til #gunsense @target

One of these things shouldn't be near the other: Diapers, Wipes, Barbies, bikes and openly carried guns! Come on Target, WTH! #OffTarget

So Target, tell me, does appeasing a few matters more then the safety of all at @Target stores? #OffTarget #gunsense

.@Target you stopped selling toy guns that look realistic, but you allow openly carried assault rifles? What gives? #OffTarget

.@Target: Moms love you but we won\'t continue shopping there if open carry of guns is allowed. That's #OffTarget # MomsDemand

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