French People Are Being So Brutal About Kim Kardashian West Being Robbed In Paris

NOTE TO SELF: French Twitter doesn't fuck around.

When news broke that Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint by two men dressed like police officers in her Paris hotel room, her American fans were horrified.

Both Agence France-Presse and the Associated Press reported that the men stole millions of dollars' worth of jewelry.

"She is badly shaken but physically unharmed," Kardashian’s spokesperson said by email.

The reaction on French social media, however, was markedly different...

Twitter: @gblardone

"Kim Kardashian was held up in Paris during Fashion week. Tens of millions of euros of stolen goods. Jewelry. Clothing. No books."

Twitter: @lolodlms

"If I were Kim I'd hang out by Porte de la Chapelle. That’s usually where stolen stuff ends up #KimKardashian"

There were jokes about why she had that much money on her in the first place.

Twitter: @ALeaument

"Kim Kardashian had 10 million euros' worth of of jewelry stolen. The actual news here is that you can just walk around carrying 568 years of minimum wage."

Twitter: @aurelie_richard

"I think the aggressors who saw Kim Kardashian that night without makeup must be traumatized #KimKardashian"

There were jokes, obviously, about her very famous backside.

Twitter: @QBINZE

"They tied up Kim Kardashian in the bathroom I'm certain they must have had at least 12 meters of rope just for her ass."

Twitter: @lapolice_off

"#KimKardashian was attacked in Paris: her fake breasts and butt were luckily not taken by the thieves."

And many French people seemed to have trouble sympathizing with a Kardashian, in general, it seems.

Twitter: @ZWTRP

"I have no opinions on what happened to Kim Kardashian. I have issues of my own. My account is overdraft. Thanks."

Twitter: @yanisazzari

"Exclusive photo of Kim #Kardashian found tied up in her hotel."

Like I said, the French and the Americans have very different cultures.

Twitter: @kassovitz1

"Proud to be Parisian :)"

Twitter: @Enfant_Sauvage_

"Kim K was robbed. What kind of security does a girl have who is surrounded 24/7 by her family, bodyguards, cameramen, and staff for her reality TV show."