There's A German Politician Named Christian Lindner And His Posters Are Fucking Amazing

There are giant photos of Angela Merkel everywhere, and, honestly, it's weird.

There's an election happening in Germany right now and if you're not in the country, there's something you might not know about...

Germans really fucking seem to love campaign posters.

And they don't really seem to care where they put them. For instance, this candidate put a poster that says "know what's inside" next to a port-a-potty.

And "Es ist zeit" means "it's time," which, in this case, is, uh, really 🤔.

The whole thing is totally nuts.

This guy didn't even bother turning around for his photo.

There's a lot going on here.

Look, I don't speak German, but I'm fairly confident this would be extremely confusing in any language.

And I honestly thought this was some kind of parking sign. Apparently, it's a campaign poster for the Marxist-Lenin Party.

Who's even looking up there? (Also, why is the AFD obsessed with pregnant women?)

Oh, and sometimes they're giant. Look, it's just a giant Angela Merkel chilling in the middle of a highway median. Not weird.

They're literally everywhere!

This dude, though, I've decided, is the master of German election posters.

His name is Christian Lindner. He's the leader of the liberal Free Democratic Party of Germany. All of his posters are in black and white??? and I'm obsessed with them.

They've all got this "pop star your mom liked in the '80s doing a comeback album" kind of vibe to them.

Like, if you told me this was a screenshot from some weird German Netflix drama I'd believe you.

He also loves phones and technology, I guess, so a lot of his posters end up looking like one of those ads trying to convince you to switch your cell phone contract.

This one is very "I just got divorced and decided to try out Tinder for the first time" and I love it.

Like, tell me this doesn't look like a Robbie Williams album cover.


But sadly, not even Christian Lindner can figure out where to put his posters. The one on the right says, "The whole pose photo thing really gets on my nerves."

Anyways, Germany's weird.

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