Florida Woman Finds An Owl Inside The Grille Of Her SUV

Don't worry, the owl's okay!

Sonji Coney Williams was driving about 60 MPH on the Florida Turnpike when she struck an owl.

The next day while she was running errands, Williams saw two big yellow eyes looking at her as she walked back to her car.

The Great Horned Owl was let loose and discovered to have thankfully suffered no injuries.

CNN has the owl's escape on video:

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Oddly enough, a similar thing happened to another owl in Vermont in December:

A pickup truck hit an owl on the highway, lodging it in the grille of his pickup truck.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department freed the Barred Owl who was thankfully unharmed.

Owls: Stay off the roads! People: Look out for owls! Jeez.