A Girl Took A Cardboard Cutout Of Her Late Father Around The World To The Places He Never Got To See

Jinna Yang's father died before he had a chance to see the world, and she wanted to change that.

Jinna Yang is a New York-based photographer who lost her father two years ago to cancer.

She's written extensively on her blog about what it was like to come to terms with the loss her dad.

She was heartbroken that her father died before he could travel the world.

She also felt lost in her own life. She realized she was in a rut and didn't know what to do.

So, to honor the sacrifices he made for her family, Jinna decided to take a cardboard cutout of him on the world tour he never got to take.

She bought a one-way ticket to Iceland, made a cardboard cutout of her father, and went to Europe.

She writes that the project is helping her family through the tremendous loss.

She's been collecting the photos on her Instagram.

She says the photos of her dad all over the world are helping her stepmother, 22-year-old brother, and 9-year-old sister find peace.