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A Man Perfectly Captured What Every Mumford & Sons Song Sounds Like

Pretty much.

Posted on September 3, 2014, at 5:50 a.m. ET

With just a guitar and some, erm, yelling, Dion Beary perfectly captures the sound of every Mumford & Sons to have ever existed.

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The British folk rock band are best known for their hits "Little Lion Man", "I Will Wait", and "The Cave".

Charles Sykes/Invision / AP

Beary recreated their folk-rock tunes with his own rather amusing lyrics. Click play on the video above, and then sing after me:

"Iiiiii can sing real soft,

Iiiiiii can sing real loud too.

Iiiiiii love a girl,

She left me sad and blue and too and you and shoe and boo.

Iiiiii can SING LIKE THIS,

and Iiiiii will wake up all my neighbors kid,

and Iiiiii will sing until the cows come home, hommmee."