A Mother Removed Her Child From School After She Was Stopped From Sharing Vagina Cookies With Her Class

She then sent an abusive email to the teacher who refused to let her share the baked goods.

A mother removed her daughter from a US school and sent an abusive email after a teacher refused to allow her to share vagina-shaped cookies with the daughter's second-grade class.

A friend of the teacher (who wished to remain anonymous) shared her account of the incident on Reddit and told BuzzFeed News that it had left her "in shock".

"She has been teaching for less than two years so she really didn't have any experience dealing with people like this," he told us. "She just reacted the best she could."

In the online account, the teacher said she likes to reward her class when they have a good week by "having volunteer parents bring in snacks".

One volunteer mother – referred to as "Autumn Lily Speaker" – told the teacher she was excited to help, and would be bringing in a dish later that week.

Autumn Lily Speaker comes into the classroom with a pan full of treats and brings them to me and says with a smile, 'I decided you can use these to teach the kids about the woman's vagina today.' Baffled and completely caught off guard I slowly peel the aluminum foil off the pan to behold a plethora of sugar cookie and frosting vaginas. Not just any old vagina, but ALL KINDS OF VAGINAS. There were small, puffy, white, brown, shaved, bald, and even a fire crotch with beef curtains.
Autumn bursts with the fury of a thousand angry Andrea Dworkins and starts yelling in front of the class about how 'I should be proud of my vagina' and 'I am settling for a women's role in life'. Utterly bemused and frozen from shock all I can do is stand and stare at the woman as the word 'vagina' is yelled in front of my second-grade class about 987,000 times.

The mother stormed out of the class, leaving the teacher behind to take control of the situation "before my second-graders develop vaginal PTSD".

She decided to scrap off the vagina frosting and hand out the plain cookies to the students.

That night, the teacher received an email from Autumn Lily Speaker about the incident:

The mother criticised the teacher for choosing a "woman's job", and said she had baked vagina cookies because knowing the body is a "beautiful thing":

She concluded by stating that she was removing her child from the class, and that she hoped the teacher "ends up with an abusive husband that beats on you every night".

After the story caused a furore online, the teacher clarified that she had taken the incident up with the school's administration.

Her friend told BuzzFeed News that the school took no action against the teacher, and that the mother subsequently removed her child from the class and moved her to a private school.

Sadly, no pictures were taken of the cookies, but the teacher described them to her friend as "good sugar cookies ... vagina-shaped, not flavored."

When asked if the teacher had kept any of the cookies, the friend told BuzzFeed News: "Unfortunately no. My friend didn't think about it while she was frantically scraping vagina off pastries in front of a bunch of hungry second-graders."