The Very Nasty Paul-Huntsman Fight

Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton wouldn't want you to throw your vote away.

CONCORD, N.H. -- Ron Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton categorically dismissed Jon Huntsman after Sunday morning's debate, continuing the Paul camp's series of grenades lobbed at other non-Romney candidates.

When asked about the emails slamming Huntsman sent out by the Paul press shop during the debate, Benton said the goal was just to "make sure the press have full information on all the candidates."

Then, regarding Huntsman:

He’s no threat. We want to make sure New Hampshire voters aren’t deceived into voting for him. He’s not a serious candidate. He didn't compete in Iowa, he failed to get on the ballot in Illinois, our fifth largest state, failed to get on the ballot in Virginia, our twelfth largest state, he's polling around two percent nationally. He’s done after Tuesday and people who want to throw their vote away on him need to realize he’s not a serious candidate.

Benton said that "It would be a shame if people throw their vote away on someone who’s betraying their trust by not running a real campaign."

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