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The Dogs Of The Wisconsin Recall

Meet Bear and Max. One is a union dog, the other is a Walker acolyte trained to raise his right paw when he hears the governor's name.

Posted on June 4, 2012, at 9:21 a.m. ET


Max, an Airedale terrier, participated in a protest outside a Scott Walker fundraiser in Madison on Friday.

"He's a union dog," his owner said. "I told him so."

Max also protested during the demonstrations in Madison after the passing of Act 10 last year.


Bear, a corgi, wore an American flag bandanna to a Walker meet-and-greet outside of Milwaukee on Sunday.

His owner told BuzzFeed that she actually owns two corgis, but brought Bear because "he's a Scott Walker supporter."

When he hears the words "Scott Walker," Bear raises his right paw and shakes hands. When he hears "Ron Johnson" (the Republican senator from Wisconsin) he shakes with his left paw.