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Operation Grandma: Bringing Old People To Ron Paul "One Set Of Grandparents At A Time"

The oldest candidate's youngest fans are called upon to convert the elderly to their cause.

Posted on January 13, 2012, at 12:00 p.m. ET

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Libertarian author Tom Woods has a plan for young Ron Paul fans, who are many, to target potential older Ron Paul fans, who are relatively few.

He calls it "Operation Grandma."

Woods, a fellow at the Ludwig Van Mises Institute, says in the video:

All you young voters out there, talk to your grandparents. A lot of them don’t use the Internet. They listen to CNN and Fox News and they’re getting a distorted picture of Ron Paul if they’re hearing about him at all. So it’s your responsibility to go over the heads of the media and reach your grandparents directly. One set of grandparents at a time, we can all do this.

Operation Grandma looks like the libertarian 2012 equivalent of The Great Schlep, a 2008 initiative fronted by comedian Sarah Silverman that asked young voters to go down to Florida and "talk to nana" about Barack Obama.