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New Ad Ties Clinton's Role In Obama Syria Policy To ISIS Attacks

The ad is a $100,000 effort from the anti-Clinton super PAC backed by two major Rubio backers.

Posted on December 10, 2015, at 9:01 p.m. ET

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WASHINGTON — A new online ad from a Republican super PAC frames Hillary Clinton's role in President Obama Syria policy as a factor in the rise of ISIS.

The ad is part of a $100,000 digital ad buy by Future45, a super PAC that launched this year that is funded by top Republican donors including hedge fund managers Paul Singer and Ken Griffin, who have both endorsed Marco Rubio.

Titled "No Responsibility," the ad is coming out in the wake of terrorist attacks and a refugee crisis that have placed national security squarely in the center of the presidential race. It shows footage of Syrian refugees, news coverage of the San Bernardino attack, and footage of ISIS fighters and cuts to a recording of Clinton saying, "I don't think you can draw any kind of straight line between whether or not something happened in Syria, to ISIS." The 30-second spot also weaves in images of Clinton and Obama, tying Clinton to Obama's policy in Syria.

"Syria is a glaring failure both of President Obama and Secretary Clinton,” Future45 president Brian Walsh said in a press release going out with the ad, seen in advance of its release by BuzzFeed News.

Future45's online campaign is focused on independents in four states: Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire. Another Syria-related ad that is part of the campaign launched on Tuesday.

Future45 and a related group, issue advocacy organization 45 Committee, were launched earlier this year to make TV and online ads targeting Clinton.

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