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Herman Cain Only Mentioned 9-9-9 Once During Tea Party Response To SOTU

Not one of the major networks picked up Cain's Tea Party response. It was pretty tame as far as Cain speeches go.

Posted on January 24, 2012, at 11:31 p.m. ET

Richard Ellis / Getty Images

Former (or current?) presidential candidate Herman Cain attacked Barack Obama and celebrated Stephen Colbert in his Tea Party response to Obama's State of the Union address, an appearance that filled a slot occupied by Michele Bachmann last year.

Cain's speech wasn't picked up by any of the major networks or cable news channels, instead streaming live on and on Cain's own website.

The pizza mogul laid into Obama for not giving "common sense solutions."

"With all due respect Mr. President, some of us are not stupid. The state of the union is not good." Cain called for a "bold tax code" and an end to cuts in military spending.

Within minutes, though, Cain was back to discussing his work with Stephen Colbert.

"I think Stephen Colbert's endorsement of me is a marvelous thing," he said. He called the rally in Charleston "energizing" and when asked if he and Colbert had more planned, said "I asked Stephen to do some rallies he said i have 160 shows to do, so. We might do some on a selective basis."

Cain didn't mention his 9-9-9 plan once -- until the very end as he was signing off.

"The first revolution is going to be, you guessed it, 9-9-9," he said.