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"Dreams From My Real Father" Filmmaker Plans A Sequel

No regrets.

Posted on November 12, 2012, at 8:46 p.m. ET

A Dreams From My Real Father mailer sent to a voter in Ohio.

A Dreams From My Real Father mailer sent to a voter in Ohio.

The man who created "Dreams From My Real Father," the anti-Obama film that argues that the president's real father is late Chicago communist Frank Marshall Davis, told BuzzFeed on Monday that he believes the film was a success despite Obama's reelection.

"The DVD continues to sell well and has discredited the mainstream media even further as liberal political partisans, rather than public trustees and watchdogs for the American people," said Joel Gilbert in an e-mail, calling the movie an "important historic document."

Gilbert started a direct-mail blitz over the summer and fall, mailing millions of copies of the film, he said, to voters in swing states all over the country. He would not specify how much the distribution of the free copies cost him.

"The publicity campaign of sending some free DVDs around the country was very helpful in getting media attention, including The New York Times, Media Matters, The Daily Beast, local TV stations nationwide," Gilbert said on Monday.

Gilbert said that there's more in the works — theatrical distribution and a sequel to the original film.

"The marketing campaign for Dreams from My Real Father continues," he said.

"We are seeking theatrical distribution, and a sequel is in the works."