These Pakistani Women Are Voting For The First Time And People Are Celebrating

One photo, taken by Iftikhar Firdous, showed women in a remote region walking to cast their ballot.

People are sharing a historic image of women in Pakistan walking to vote for the first time today.

Women in Bayzai sub-division of Mohmand Tribal District (ex-Fata), 5 kilometres from the Afghan border got out to vote for the first time. (My hometown as well) #GeneralElection2018

Ifitikhar Firdous / Twitter

The image was taken by Pakistani journalist Ifikhar Firdous in a northern region of the country.

Pakistan is currently going to the polls for a national election — and women are able to vote for the first time in some parts of the country.

But many people were supportive of women voting, and hundreds shared Firdous's image, saying that this was what Pakistan was all about.

Some said it was simply a great picture.

The main contest is between the parties of ex-international cricketer Imran Khan and former PM Nawaz Sharif.

Almost 200 women are standing for local seats, split between the two main parties running.

And other heartwarming videos and images were shared online, like this interview with a mother taking her daughter to vote for the first time on their motorbike.

Daughter taking her mother to polling station on a motorbike in Karachi. These stories make me so happy

There was footage of women across the country voting for the first time.

Footage of women voting in highly conservative Upper Dir, in North Pakistan, for the first time in forty years. They were banned, supposedly, because gunfights on polling day made it too risky. Wonderful to see the return

For the first time in North Waziristan women are coming out to vote, “ Ayaz Khan, DC Tribal District NWA, tells Geo’s Rasool Dawar. (Image by Rasool Dawar)

Yesterday, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai urged people — especially women — across the country to vote.

The people of Pakistan - especially women - the power is in your hands. Get up, go and vote! Democracy shall win! #Election2018 🇵🇰🗳

Although Yousafzai is Pakistani, she has been resident in the UK since terrorists tried to murder her in 2012. Because she doesn't live in Pakistan at the moment, it's believed she will be unable to vote in the election.

Polling will end at 6 p.m. local time (9 a.m. ET) Wednesday and the results will be announced Thursday.