People Are Sharing These Powerful Photos From A Women's March In Argentina

Argentines are calling it the "Green Hope."

Thousands of women marched in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires Tuesday night, demanding a change to the country's restrictive abortion laws.

This photo, in particular, was widely shared across social media, showing the massive protests outside of the country's congressional building.

Argentines called the photo "Green Hope."

Verde esperanza 💚👈🏻💪🏻 #NiunaMenos

The photo is a still taken from Argentine newspaper Prensa Obrera's drone footage of the protest.

The #NiUnaMenos protesters called for better women's rights and, specifically, access to abortion.

Y ahora que sí nos ven... #AbortoLegalYa #NiUnaMenos

Argentina has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world. Abortion is only allowed when a woman is raped or if there is a risk to a woman's health.

Foto histórica de @prensaobrera Cómo dijo Perón: “La única verdad, es la realidad” No hay #NiUnaMenos sin #AbortoLegal 💪🏽💚🔥💜✌🏽

An estimated 370,000 to 520,000 abortions are carried out every year, but almost 50,000 women end up in the hospital because of complications after illegal abortions.

El #Pañuelazo de hoy en Congreso desde el escenario. #MareaVerde Sin #AbortoLegalYa no hay #NiUnaMenos 💪💚✊ #AbortoLegalSeguroYGratuitoYa #NiUnaMenos2018

Protests started in 2015 with the murder of 14-year-old Chiara Páez, launching #NiUnaMenos. Last year, Micaela García, one of the women leading the campaign, was killed.

The sea of green was formed by thousands of women all holding up green triangles.

Other clips on Twitter show hundreds of women in the crowd holding up little green triangles, decorated with the words.

El mensaje de las mujeres en la marcha de #NiUnaMenos en Córdoba es bastante claro: #AbortoLegalYa 💚👊

#NiUnaMenos #VivasNosQueremos #AbortoLegalYa

The protest follows weeks of congressional hearings, during which lawmakers debated allowing women to terminate pregnancies before 14 weeks.

Todas unidas, en la calle. Miles de mujeres volvemos a decir #NiUnaMenos 💚

Both of Argentina's parliamentary houses would need to pass the proposed legislation.

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