This Teacher Used The "American Chopper" Meme To Teach A Class On Islamic Studies And It Went Great

"The chopper meme was sort of the logical conclusion."

Matthew Chovanec is a teacher at the University of Texas, where one of his classes is about the rhetoric of Islam in the US.

"So the chopper meme was sort of the logical conclusion," Chovanec said.

"I sort of dramatically started handing out the page, and the students would laugh as they got it," he said.

The results were pretty impressive.

"Get TF out of Syria."

Chovanec said he could barely grade the papers because he was "laughing so hard."

Chovanec's tweet went viral and people loved his idea.

Today I quizzed my students on Sadakat Kadri's history of Shari'a law by having them fill out the American Choppers meme by using one of the theological debates from the history of Islam jurisprudence. Needless to say, they all got A's

They said it was incredibly pure.

Many people just wanted more.

Other teachers said they'd tried the same thing with their students.

He said the reaction to his lesson plan had been "really nice," with lots of teachers getting in touch to say they'd try something similar — or sharing examples of when they had.

Chovanec said when he first told his class they were "famous," they were all pretty confused. "Then I pulled up the tweet on the screen and they were like, 'Damn Mr. Chovanec, nice ratio.'"

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