A Bunch of Students Got In Trouble For Dancing In Their Underwear And Now It's A Huge Meme

After the video went viral, university officials said they won't expel the students. Probably NSFW.

Last week, this video of student pilots at the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation started appearing across Russian social media.

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The video was made and recorded by 14 students at the institute, one of Russia's oldest civil airplane training schools, back in October last year. The video, showing the students dancing to "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi, is believed to have been inspired by a similar skit back in 2013, made by British soldiers.

When the video was published up by the Russian social network VK on Jan. 16 it quickly gained a huge amount of attention, racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

After the university head compared the students to activist group Pussy Riot, things started to spiral out of control.

People began to call for others to support the cadets by doing their own versions of the video.

Вот была бы у нас «Нормальная» страна, сейчас бы в поддержку курсантов - все военные, пожарники и спасатели свои бы… https://t.co/jmOuySNYEY

Which eventually turned into a "Satisfaction Challenge" hashtag.

#satisfactionchallenge #protest #strike #russia #elections #president #navalny - #бойкот #забастовка… https://t.co/jUDIEIYkG5

As controversy around the video gathered steam, so did the number of videos in support of it. Like this one, by agricultural college students:

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Or this one by students at the Ministry of Emergency Situations...

Or this one by nursing students...

Or this one by construction students...

Naval students...

Electrical students, equestrians...

There was even one with student actors — all in various costumes.

Moms and schoolchildren are joining in on the craze. It's a thing.

By Jan. 22, the cadets' video had been viewed more than 800,000 times on YouTube.

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