Where Googlers Get Sassy

Where Googlers hate on their own kind — and pay respect to Steve Jobs. An exclusive look at more images from Google's secret mockery machine.

Images from Google's Memegen, an internal bulletin board, show how employees blow off steam with sometimes-savage self-mockery of the tech giant, its figureheads and its culture. In this batch, obtained from a source with access to Memegen, Googlers face a little more outward, but most of the biting commentary is still directed toward Google itself.

Memegen's topics range from the topical to the evergreen. Google bikes, the free painted transport around the Googleplex, is a frequent target.

The Apple/Google split is addressed pretty directly in Memegen.

Memegen also gets real nerdy, as you might gather from this crack about Hadoop, a software framework that's used by a lot of companies working with a lot of data (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.).

Memegen gets wicked, but it also gets sad, too. Like this simple Steve Jobs post.

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